Month: April 2018

And what a bright future we might have…

Sitting up while I should be sleeping, enjoying the cautious optimism on Arirang. Kim Jong-un has made history crossing in to the south, but in an unscripted move President Moon Jae-in crossed to the north for a moment with him. It was only a handshake and a photo op, but it was unplanned and demonstrative of a desire for change. The blind and hopeful child within me likes to believe in the strength of will of individuals to shape the world and cross border after border against the best advice. It is curious to imagine these people of the world,


It’s nice to like someone’s work…

It’s even nicer when you discover they are not total monsters. It’s incredible when you start digging and just love the things they say. About 13 years ago I stumbled on to Japanese Trip-hop and super genre spanning duo (plus constant guests), M-flo. I have enjoyed the music for years. I would go so far as to say I have found solace and peace in it. Great beats that are uplifting. Music you simply cannot be angry to. Recently Malcolm, who has always had naturally diverse musical tastes, mainly driven by exposure, has been found to be humming (and sometimes


A Succient Note on Privacy

Browsing through the Matomo (opensource web analytics) documentation I found their Privacy and IP Level Tracking write up quite a fascinating read. In a time when the typical internet user is struggling to understand what is where, and how it can be used to their detriment, or at least used without their benefit, this was a great quick read. Matomo on Privacy