Month: July 2018

HK – Day 2 – To the Island

July 25th So far so good though I admit to be writing this log from the future on July 29th as I’m playing a bit of catch up. So what did we do… Can I remember? Well we: Started off with breakfast at The Place (the primary restaurant within the hotel) Discovered how much I adore cultures that care about tea. Boarded our first MTR train which was Mals first use of a subway. Headed to the main Island (Hong Kong) Boarded the Peak Tram and rode at around 30° up the side of the said peak. While riding the


HK – Day 1 – or, Learning the Smells of Somewhere New

  The first day came and went early with us all crashing around 1800 HKG. In the 12 hours that we spent wakeful in the city however we: Arrived at the airport, got a wifi device, had the first few engagements of learning appropriate communication. Took a cab from the airport in the new territories, across bridges and tunnels in to Kawloon. Arrived at the hotel, where we dropped off our bags and registered for an early check-in Walked around a nearby Wet Market about a block to 3 blocks from the hotel and saw amongst other things a cat


HK – Day 0 – Two fairly uneventful flights, and 1 day later…

We are sitting at 42,000 ft and have just crossed over about 1/2 the length and bredith of Taiwan. It was quite amazing to see, and just looking at the island I want to visit. Taipei was very lit even at altitude it was totally visable. Several bays and mountains can be seen in well defined sweeps across the island. The meal service on the flight has been excellent thus far. A pasta dish early off the ground for ‘dinner’ for both Jennifer and I while Malcolm slept. Then a few good hours of sleep. At breakfast I opted for