HK – Day 0 – Two fairly uneventful flights, and 1 day later…

We are sitting at 42,000 ft and have just crossed over about 1/2 the length and bredith of Taiwan. It was quite amazing to see, and just looking at the island I want to visit. Taipei was very lit even at altitude it was totally visable. Several bays and mountains can be seen in well defined sweeps across the island.

The meal service on the flight has been excellent thus far. A pasta dish early off the ground for ‘dinner’ for both Jennifer and I while Malcolm slept. Then a few good hours of sleep. At breakfast I opted for beef fried noodles, Jennifer had the more traditional English stylized breakfast of eggs, beans and potato, and Malcolm opted to just eat fruit at first but actually loved my fried noodles when I convinced him it was basically beef noodle soup.

The cabin crew has been exceedingly polite and consistently provided real tea something I just cannot appreciate enough.

So as I close off here we are currently 70mi off the coast of Shantou with about 40 minutes left for hk. And immigration paperwork is likely on the way.