HK – Day 1 – or, Learning the Smells of Somewhere New


The first day came and went early with us all crashing around 1800 HKG. In the 12 hours that we spent wakeful in the city however we:

  • Arrived at the airport, got a wifi device, had the first few engagements of learning appropriate communication.
  • Took a cab from the airport in the new territories, across bridges and tunnels in to Kawloon.
  • Arrived at the hotel, where we dropped off our bags and registered for an early check-in
  • Walked around a nearby Wet Market about a block to 3 blocks from the hotel and saw amongst other things a cat that lives in one of the shops who was quite cute.
  • Came back to the hotel to procure our Octopus Cards (MTA and general payment by NFC), and discovered that our room was ready for check-in
  • At which point we came up to discover the view and have a nap
  • A few hours later we ventured out for a meal at Passion in Langham Place a mall conected directly to the hotel.
  • Afterwards we returned to the hotel for a walking tour of all of the local markets which was about 40 minutes.
  • The heat got to us a bit so Jenn, Mal, and I returned to the hotel, while Kaye walked the Goldfish Market.
  • After that we all just passed and woke up close to 12 hours later.

Also the remote for the TV comes in a book…

With a picture…

Of the remote on the opposite side…

—Some photos—