HK – Day 2 – To the Island

July 25th

So far so good though I admit to be writing this log from the future on July 29th as I’m playing a bit of catch up.

So what did we do… Can I remember?

Well we:

  • Started off with breakfast at The Place (the primary restaurant within the hotel)
  • Discovered how much I adore cultures that care about tea.
  • Boarded our first MTR train which was Mals first use of a subway.
  • Headed to the main Island (Hong Kong)
  • Boarded the Peak Tram and rode at around 30° up the side of the said peak.
  • While riding the tram we sat beside a lovely gentleman who grew up in Fort Worth.
  • Walked through various malls and observed the view from the vantage points along the malls.
  • Saw the world’s (supposedly largest chocolate painting)
  • Traveled up a horrifying set of escalators.
  • And went to the Victoria terrace, the 360° observation deck from the top of the peak.
  • Ate at Burger King on the peak because, why not?
  • From here we took a walk and a taxi across the island and saw the Man Mo temple.
  • Returned to the hotel and had a few drinks while Jennifer and Mal went for a swim.
  • Drinks included, a chilled glass of Stoli Elite (for sipping) with 3 olives (small, unpitted, but delicious), a Lion Rock Brewery IPA named Maestro which was ubleievably subtle for an IPA, and the specialty of the evening an Alabi Mystery, made with Gin, Seedlip Spice (the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit), and elder flower, smoked with Applewood, it was complex and amazing. As I regarded it I said to the mixologist that it appeared to require a manual for consumption.
  • Further on we met the China rep for Seedlip who was an interesting fellow from England now living in HK previously 8 years in Shanghai.
  • Then went to do some camera shopping at Man Sing Photo (萬成攝影器材) for… Reasons…
  • After that had a quick bite at the Marks & Spencer’s in the B2 of Langham place and had a delightful toasted ham and cheese.
  • Jennifer and I went back to the bar where she was served some non alcoholic beverages of interest made by Sebastian the Seedlip rep.
  • Then to retire for the evening