My phone keeps asking me to put it in a lake

A. something meaningful

Dagny is approaching a possible crawl… She only managed to mount one knee. But she gets it. I have video of it all. She was being a good sport.

B. something minor

I’m feeling crummy… Mildly sick.

C. something you learned

That school administrators are kinda stupid. I tasted lots of blood earlier. But I got my vendication when they his teacher disclosed to a VP wanting to say he was a poor performer that he is at exit level for 3rd grade. I recorded the conversation… It’s hilarious (not to anyone but me…but I sat quietly while they said crummy stuff then enjoyed that bit.)

D. something you enjoyed

See above hehe.

Actually I just finished laying with mal doing sudoku… I felt bad I rushed him and stressed him out. I’m doing it with him hoping it will help him focus.

I hope you are well. I don’t expect or need a reply, but I figured I’d fill you in. If you would rather I’ll push them somewhere for later consumption. I’m sorry if I’ve been annoying.